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April 18, 2017

What is an Eric Solomon Selection?

Most of the bottles of wine that bear the stamp, Eric Solomon Selections, are exactly the same as you find in Europe – inside and outside the bottle. They are selected by Eric for import into the United States.

A few however, are selected and blended with the assistance of Eric who brings over 35 years of experience tasting wines in Europe and selling them in the US. Many of these “custom cuvées” subsequently replace existing cuvées and are sold around the world, while others are created in partnership between Eric and the growers or cooperatives that make them.

In addition to blends, Eric also consults with, and advises properties on their labels, packaging, proprietary names and marketing. Some of our producers are not fluent in English, or do not have the necessary resources for elaborate websites and marketing materials. In these situations we assist them with the marketing of their wines not only in the United States, but internationally as well.

None of these steps are taken to “make” a wine, but to reveal something unique and interesting about the place from where it comes, promote those that make it, and to guarantee that wine drinkers in the United States and around the world have the opportunity to taste it.