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September 12, 2017

Indigo Wine – Eric Solomon Selections


In 1990, Eric Solomon founded European Cellars with a handful of unknown estates from largely obscure places. In the early years his portfolio, his import portfolio centered on France, then it spread to encompass wines from the Tuscan coast all the way to the far southern reaches of Spain. His pionerring efforts not only brought to the attention of the US market regions like Châteauneuf-du-Pape and the Priorat, but obscure properties that are now seen as benchmark estates such as Domaine de la Janasse, Château Pesquié and Clos Erasmus.

Exploring the frontier and discovering the next great winemaker, region, or indigenous variety is at the heart of Eric’s work. It is the source of the growth and vitality of his portfolio, earning him the attention of critics and consumers alike. Eric is among a small group of US-based importers whose name on the oustide of a bottle guarantess the quality within.

Indigo Wine is the next chapter of Eric Solomon Selections but it is not a new idea, it is a return to Eric’s roots in finding, championing and importing wines from places uncharted or by talent unrecognized. While there is a strong emphasis on France and Spain, the scope of Indigo Wine will be worldwide. Many of the properties in the Indigo Wine portfolio are new names, some may be familiar, but all are pioneers in their own right.Over the coming month we will be updating our website so highlight this new portfolio of wines.