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Indigo Wine

Exploring the frontier and discovering the next great winemaker, region, or indigenous variety has been at the heart of Eric Solomon’s career. Indigo Wine is the next chapter of Eric’s work and a return to his roots in finding and championing the places unknown or the talents undiscovered.

Indigo is best known for fresh and balanced wines from Spain and its strong emphasis on France, often from producers in lesser-known regions working with indigenous grapes. These wines come from growers who focus predominantly on their vineyards to produce healthy fruit, often farmed organically or biodynamically. Many of the estates in the Indigo portfolio are new names, some may be familiar, but all are pioneers in their own right.

“I’ve rededicated myself to ‘generation next’ with the creation of Indigo Wine – a portfolio of diverse growers that I found myself increasingly drawn to. Indigo allows me to promote small, innovative projects while breaking out of expectations with the creation of a focused Swiss portfolio, representing groundbreaking projects in Chile, exploring the indigenous varieties from the Republic of Macedonia, and championing my latest find, Domaine des Tourelles from the Bekka Valley of Lebanon.” – Eric Solomon


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