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February 01, 2024

January 2024 Press Highlights

The spotlight was on Finca Sandoval’s Aurora, our resident “shy girl”, who made a bold entrance with a commendable score of 92. Gutierrez’s review highlighted the second vintage of this white wine, noting its distinctive low-alcohol profile, enhanced freshness, and a more pronounced Mediterranean character. The wine was praised for its sapidity, increased character, and a delightful saline finish. Javi Revert’s Forada also had its moment in the limelight, receiving its inaugural review. Luis Gutierrez expressed anticipation for future vintages, setting the stage for exciting developments in the world of wine.

Vinous Media joined the celebration by extending appreciation to Domaine des Bosquets, a producer who has consistently impressed critics. Whoever said less was more? We say more is more… keep the reviews coming Nicolas Greinacher! We double-dog dare you

Yohan Castaing, representing Wine Advocate, added intrigue to the month with insightful reviews on Domaine Belargus. While the barrel scores garnered praise, Castaing’s notes recommended patience, suggesting that these wines were destined to age gracefully. We love a man who can embrace a few extra years in beauty.

“Castaing’s notes recommended patience, suggesting that these wines were destined to age gracefully”

January 2024 has proven to be a month of discovery, anticipation, and appreciation for the diverse world of wine. As critics share their insights and accolades, wine enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to explore these highlighted gems, savoring the unique characteristics that each bottle brings to the table. Cheers to a month filled with love for exceptional wines and the promise of exciting developments on the horizon!

– Written by Debbie Antoszyk