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March 08, 2018

Dani Landi goes it alone

Our friend and colleague Ben Henshaw of Indigo Wine UK sent us the following article on Dani Landi written by Jancis Robinson. Having worked with Dani since 2006, when he was making wines at his family’s property in Méntrida, Bodegas Jiménez-Landi, we followed him when he departed that project to launch is own focusing exclusively on wines from the Sierra de Gredos – Daniel Gómez Jiménez Landi. Dani is also half of the driving force behind Comando G along with Fernando Garcia of Bodega Marañones. Most recently we’ve teamed up with Dani and Fer as they are revitalizing the local cooperative just down the street from their cellars in Cadalso de los Vidrios.

These could be more productive vineyards is there weren’t so many boulders in the way.

In the early days it was difficult to get the attention of the market for these wines. They were deemed atypical for Spanish Garnacha – too light, too delicate, too mineral, too expensive, too obscure. Now there is the dawning realization that the Sierra de Gredos is one of the finest regions for Garnacha in the world thanks to the hard work of the viñadores and the attention of critics like Jancis Robinson and Luis Gutiérrez. Now the only problem with the Gredos is that the wines are too scarce!

The Gredos in July – pack a sweater if you go!

Jancis mentions that these wines are difficult to find in the UK but, “perhaps US importer Eric Solomon is able to share them out among some of his American retailer customers.” To this we can only add that we have a few cases remaining of Dani’s 2015s and expect the 2016 parcel wines to be released this autumn.