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March 26, 2020

Standing Together by Javi Revert

We received a remarkable note of resilience this morning from Javi Revert. While many of you are familiar with his work at Celler del Roure, he has his own small project in the far western corner of Valencia, one focused on indigenous varieties and reclaimed vineyard sites.

Dear Eric & Dani-

How are you? I hope everything is going well! How is it going in USA? I consider you a great team, so I am convinced that you will successfully solve this difficult situation. Actually, the world of wine is full of wonderful people and you are one of the best I have come across on my way. Thank you!

The situation here is difficult too, but luckily we have finished pruning the vineyards, and it has also been raining all week! So as you can see, there is still some good news!! In May, with the spring in full bloom, we will start green pruning, and it will be a month of joy, happiness, and light.

I have news to share, on Wednesday, March 11, two days before Spain stopped, I signed for the purchase of 2 hectares of land that 50 years ago had belonged to my grandmother. Years later, thanks to a loan, I have recovered this land, which I promise is beautiful! Honestly the first days after the purchase I had a pretty bad time thinking about my bad luck getting into debt given the situation.

But something that I have right now is the time to think, imagine, and plan my future. And I am so close to what I dreamed of … a life’s project that allows me to pursue a profession that I believe in, and one that makes me happy.

The lesson that I have learned from this crisis is that I must focus and strive to grow on solid foundations – the authenticity of my wines and the identity of my territory. To keep on working old vines, and building a beautiful landscape by recovering vineyards oriented to the afternoon sun, which were uprooted decades ago in the lands I have just acquired – and where, by the way, there are three hundred, centenary olive trees planted by my great-grandfather, which I plan to work again as he used to!

In brief, living in the countryside, and for the countryside, being more vigneron than ever, with humility, and enjoying the beautiful toughness of this profession.

The truth is that suddenly all fear has disappeared, and what I feel is an enormous emotion. I came from having nothing and more work lies ahead!!

Thank you dear friends! See you soon!