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December 04, 2015

Some Big and Small Things

Pablo Calatayud just sent us a note about new developments at Celler del Roure. What’s happening here isn’t exactly innovative so much as it is a renaissance, and it is exciting to witness. When the 2015 Cullerot arrives we’ll leave it to you to decide if it shows a more Tortosina or Valensi character… 

Only two or three minutes to tell you two or three good things that have happened to us and we would like to share with you.

This year we have some excellent news. For instance, we have adopted some amphoras as shown in the picture below. Do you like them? They are beautiful; you are very welcome to see them in person. In this picture you can also find my father and our friend Cipri, somewhere in La Mancha next to our precious amphora. Don´t you think that it looks like a representation of Don Quixote and the beautiful Dulcinea del Toboso? I am really glad and really convinced that the history of wine and its vessels still have a long way to go. There are a lot of new adventures coming!

Inspecting the amphorae

Inspecting the amphorae

Do you want to hear more good news? There are two more related to this. This year we have travelled around the region to find more white grapes for our Cullerot and we found some impressive vineyards. We are really excited about an old vineyard with a mix of white varieties such as “Tortosina”, which is amazing. Our friend Rafa Cambra came to see it and he says that is “Valensi”, however another expert assures that it is not “Valensi” or “Tortosina” but the only thing we can be sure of is that the grape is exceptional.

The last news is that we are doing research on traditional processing methods. So far we have done two fermentations in one of our old “cups” made of stone and mortar. These were used in the past to introduce the treaded grapes. It is true that it is sometimes tricky to remove the grapes skins but it is also true that this is a worthy technique. We are looking forward to repeating this experience. We performed a first trial with Mandó and a second one with Monastrell, which is the one shown in the picture, and are without doubt our best wines of this harvest 2015.

Pablos Monastrell

Pablo’s Monastrell