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Domaine Jérémy Bricka

Squeezed between the Savoie and the Rhône valley is Isère, a dramatic landscape of steep, narrow river valleys and forested […]

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Domaine Jérémy Bricka

Squeezed between the Savoie and the Rhône valley is Isère, a dramatic landscape of steep, narrow river valleys and forested slopes. Grape growing in Isère dates back to Roman times, and 33,000 hectares of vines were recorded as planted here in the 19th century. But that was before phylloxera struck. Since many of the best vineyard sites in Isère were remote and difficult to farm due to the cool climate, steep slopes, and poor, rocky soils, they were largely abandoned, and many of Isère’s indigenous varieties nearly went extinct. However, over the last ten years, there has been a quiet revitalization of Isère’s viticultural heritage, and one of its leading voices is Jérémy Bricka.

After studying enology, Jérémy Bricka worked at Guigal for eight years, managing their St. Joseph and Hermitage vineyards. With a lifelong passion for the mountains and looking for a change of scene, Jérémy moved to Trieves in the Rhône-Alpes in 2011 and co-founded the first French whisky distillery, Des Hautes Glaces. Jérémy fell in love with the region, but his success with whisky was mixed, so he decided to return to his original passion: vines and wine.

In 2015, he purchased five hectares in the rugged Isère, an IGP on the eastern border of France above the Rhône River and below Savoie. He chose this site due to its steep slopes of black shale soils. Historically, this site was once home to a notable vineyard abandoned in the middle of the 20th century. Jérémy was intrigued by the land’s viticultural heritage and sensed the potential for the region’s indigenous varieties to thrive here. In re-establishing the vineyards, he selected Verdesse, Mondeuse Blanche and Noir, Altesse, Persan, Etraire de l’Aduï, and Douce Noire – all indigenous varieties to this long-overlooked corner of Savoie. At an elevation of 500-700 meters above sea level, Jérémy’s vineyards are relatively cool and dry, which keeps disease risk low, and his farming is certified organic. Jérémy favors a gentle approach in the cellar, using neutral vessels, spontaneous fermentation, and minimal sulfur to convey the vibrancy of the variety and terroir into the glass. For those who appreciate the soaring energy of Alpine wines, or a back-to-basics approach to winemaking, or an appreciation for the local and the indigenous over the international, or a love of French winemakers with distinctive facial hair, then we have a new star for you to check out.

Savoie, France
  • Location
    Savoie, France
  • Primary Appellation
  • Proprietor
    Jérémy Bricka
  • Winemaker
    Jérémy Bricka
  • Size / Elevation
    5 hectares / 500-700 meters
  • Age of Vines
    3-7 years
  • Farming
    Certified organic
  • Varieties
    Verdesse, Mondeuse Blanche, Altesse, Chasselas, Persan, Etraire de l'Aduï, Douce Noire
  • Cellar
    Hand harvested, natural yeast fermentation, minimal SO2
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