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August 26, 2021


Javier Gramona

What is Corpinnat?

Corpinnat is a collective brand registered with the European Union. As of May 2021, it comprises 11 estates located within a strictly delimited region inside the existing DO of Penedès. These 11 members feel that when strictly regulated, Penedès can produce some of the finest sparkling wines in the world.

So they’re Cava producers?

Not exactly, they all formerly made D.O. Cava, but they have officially withdrawn from the D.O.

Why would they walk away from an internationally recognized name like Cava?

This wasn’t an easy decision or one taken lightly. After years of trying to create change within the D.O., they realized that their efforts were futile and that they would be better served creating their own collective brand outside the regulations of the D.O. Cava.

Which changes were they arguing for?

The growers that formed Corpinnat were concerned that the officials governing the D.O. were pursuing an unsustainable business model resulting in artificially low prices for grape growers, an indifference to sound environmental practices, and an overall disservice to the reputation of Cava. The left after years of working within the D.O. to create a designation that would:

  1. A strict geographic division within D.O. Cava spotlighting the distinctive terroirs in the heart of Penedès
  2. One must either own the vines or establish long-term and economically sustainable relationships with your growers
  3. Enshrine organic and biodynamic farming in its regulations and mandate manual harvesting
  4. Limit this classification to estate fermented and bottled wines
  5. Soley traditional method and long aging would be recognized in this classification

Wouldn’t these represent some of the strictest guidelines guiding sparkling wine production in the world?

Freed from compromise within a larger bureaucracy, the members of Corpinnat could enshrine all their guiding principles. This guarantees that Corpinnat is synonymous with the utmost quality while promoting environmental and social sustainability. You can read more about their commitment to quality sparkling wine and the health and vitality of their land and community on their website.

We’ve created this chart for a quick comparison showing how Corpinnat measures up to the best sparkling wines in the world.