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February 26, 2016

A visit to Dominio del Águila


Jorge Monzón of Dominio del Aguila

We recently discovered an in-depth profile of Dominio del Águila posted on It is a worthwhile read and has got us thinking about so many of the changes that are happening with Spain wine right now. A new generation is returning, quite literally, to their roots and embracing the best qualities of the wines of the past. There is less new wood, more stems, more indigenous varieties, more field blends and a greater reliance on natural yeast fermentations. At the same time there is a growing sense that these new approaches to winemaking require a better understanding of terroir. It’s no longer sufficient to talk about Valdeorras but the Val do Bibei within Valdeorras, or the Val do Salnes in Rias-Baixas, or the Sierra de Gredos rather than Mentrida/Vinos de Madrid. It will be fascinating to see how the governing bodies of the DOs respond to these challenges coming from arguably the most talented winemakers in Spain.