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A Pie de Tierra

In 2015, the story of A Pie de Tierra began to take shape when Aitor Paul, a sommelier at Lavinia, […]

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A Pie de Tierra

In 2015, the story of A Pie de Tierra began to take shape when Aitor Paul, a sommelier at Lavinia, and David Villamiel, a dedicated winegrower from Méntrida, crossed paths during their training at the Professional School of Viticulture and Oenology in Madrid. It was within the walls of this institution that their shared journey was forged. This educational experience not only imparted them with theoretical knowledge about vineyards but also provided them with an invaluable opportunity to get up close and personal with the vines themselves. They embarked on internships at the esteemed Bodegas Valquejigoso and Comando G, respectively.

Armed with this newfound knowledge and following an initial phase of intense learning and experimentation, along with tests and trials using grapes from vineyards they were actively revitalizing, Aitor and David set forth with unwavering determination and a deep love for the land. They did not abandon their respective professions but rather embarked on a quest to realize their dream: crafting their own wine. Guided by the currents of contemporary production but steadfast in their philosophy of “making the wine they love to drink,” the “A Pie de Tierra” project was conceived. This project is rooted in profound respect for the environment and the unique qualities of the region, with a clear mission to work primarily with Garnacha and Granito grapes from the central area.

Their labor of love unfolds on David’s family estate, spanning approximately 20 hectares across the picturesque town of Méntrida within the Alberche valleys. Here, ancient vineyards of the traditional system, bearing the native variety, stand as a testament to the region’s viticultural heritage. These vines were planted in the heart of the last century and have been grafted with plant material from previous generations of old vineyards. The vineyards are characterized by the traditional planting system of the area, marked by staggered frames and a glass formation. Additionally, A Pie de Tierra’s vineyard holdings include 4-5 hectares nestled within the riverbed of the nearby Aldea del Fresno, located in the neighboring municipality of Madrid.

Having recognized the immense potential of the region, Aitor and David’s ambitions swelled. They aimed to secure the future of the vineyards David inherited as part of a generational succession. In tandem with their shared vision and project, they committed themselves to gradually liberating these vineyards from the grip of the outdated cooperative system that still dominated the area. They selected Grenache as their emblematic grape variety, symbolizing the pure Mediterranean character of the central area. Their mission was twofold: to prevent the loss of vines with immense potential and to honor the hard work and dedication of generations past.



  • Red
  • Rose
  • White
  • Cider + Orange
  • Vegan
  • Certified Organic
  • Biodynamic
Sierra de Gredos, Spain
  • Location
    Sierra de Gredos, Spain
  • Primary Appellation
  • Proprietor
    David Villamiel and Aitor Paul
  • Winemaker
    David Villamiel and Aitor Paul
  • Size / Elevation
    12.5 hectares / 500-600 meters
  • Age of Vines
    30-60 years
  • Farming
  • Varieties
  • Cellar
    Low Intervention
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