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Terra Vermella

Família Nin-Ortiz

Terra Vermella Bottle
Vi Blanc (Penedès)
Parellada Montonegra
Age of Vines
Certified organic (CCPAE) and biodynamic (La Renaissance des Appellations)
Red clay
550 meters
Hand harvested, natural yeast fermentation in a single, neutral, 225L French oak barrel
8 months in a single, neutral, 225L French oak barrel


Parellada, the workhorse variety for most Cava blends, is prized for its high acidity and moderate alcohol as well as its abundant yields. Few growers however have explored the genetic diversity of the variety or have taken the time to explore the potential for Parellada when grown in the right soil and cropped for moderate yields. Enter Carles and Ester who make homeopathic quantities of a cuvée they call Terra Vermella. Named for the red clay soils of a 1 hectare vineyard planted with Parellada Montonegra – the rare, pink-hued mutation of Parellada – Terra Vermella shows the forthrightness and complexity that can be coaxed out of this obscure mutation of an everyday grape variety. It is fermented and aged in a 225L, neutral French oak barrel chosen not because they are particularly taken with small French oak barrels, but because 225L is their typical production.

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2016 Terra Vermella

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2015 Terra Vermella

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Catalonia, Spain
  • Location
    Catalonia, Spain
  • Appellation
    Vi Blanc (Penedès)
  • Proprietor
    Ester Nin & Carles Ortiz
  • Winemaker
    Ester Nin
  • Size / Elevation
    13 hectares / 400–650 meters
  • Portfolio
    Eric Solomon Selections