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Domaine Johanna Cécillon

Divona Bottle
A blend of indigenous Breton apples
Age of Vines
Certified organic (ECOCERT)
Deep loam, granite subsoil
50 meters
Hand harvested, stored in wooden crates before fermentation, natural yeast fermentation in tank
Bottled in March, secondary fermentation in bottle, no added SO2, not disgorged


Divona is a local Celtic goddess of sacred springs in Brittany and the name for a dry cider made at Domaine Johanna Cécillon. The apples for this cider are sourced from orchards located at the bottom of the valley floor in deep loamy soils. This site is bordered by a forest and a small stream. To protect the fruit from wind, Johanna allows the grass between the trees to grow naturally with the added benefit of providing for biodiversity. Harvest for Divona is manual and occurs from October through December. The apples are stored for a short time in wooden crates before fermentation for better ripeness. Fermentation is in tank by natural yeasts. Bottled in March, fermentation completes in the bottle. There is no added sulfur and these ciders are unpasteurized and are not disgorged, so they should handled carefully an expect a small amount of sediment in the bottle. For Divona the apple varieties include: Rouget de Dol, Locard Vert, Douce Moen, Pomme Poire, Marie Menard, Douce Coëtligné, Petit Jaune, Jurella, Judaine, Judor, and Inra 1364.

Brittany, France
  • Location
    Brittany, France
  • Appellation
  • Proprietor
    Famille Cécillon
  • Winemaker
    Johanna Cécillon
  • Size / Elevation
    8 hectares / meters
  • Portfolio
    Jon-David Headrick Selections