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Wine from Eastern Europe is on the cusp of being the next big thing. All the elements are there: an […]

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Wine from Eastern Europe is on the cusp of being the next big thing. All the elements are there: an ancient grape-growing tradition, great terroirs, indigenous varieties, new investments, and a youthful generation of farmers and winemakers who came of age after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Before this epic event, wine in Eastern Europe was mainly a bulk product from frightfully high yields resulting in quality on par with the Yugo or Trabant.

Founded in 1885, Tikveš Winery has witnessed the independence movements in the Balkans, two world wars, and one cold one. Yet, through it all, they have continued to make wines from grapes native to the region: the white Rkaticeli, which originated in the Caucasus, and Kratosija, Vranec, and Plavec, which are all indigenous red varieties to the Balkan peninsula. With the fall of communism and the independence of The Republic of North Macedonia, this historic estate was privatized, and investments updated the vineyard and cellar practices. Sustainable farming has replaced industrial agriculture, yields have been reduced, and indigenous varieties have been preserved and replanted. With guidance from the late Philippe Cambie, Tikves modernized their cellar practices by introducing temperature-controlled stainless steel for fermentations with concrete and French oak barrels for aging.

In recent years, Tikves Winery has embraced a sustainable and eco-conscious approach to winemaking. Collaborating with the International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA), a leading organization dedicated to reducing the wine industry’s carbon footprint, they have implemented several initiatives to minimize their environmental impact. These initiatives include the adoption of sustainable farming practices, the incorporation of renewable energy sources, and the optimization of their production processes to reduce emissions. Tikves Winery recognizes the importance of preserving the natural beauty of the Tikves Valley while ensuring the longevity and sustainability of its operations.

Vardar River Valley, Macedonia
  • Location
    Vardar River Valley, Macedonia
  • Primary Appellation
  • Proprietor
    M6 Corporation
  • Winemaker
    Marko Stojakovic
  • Size / Elevation
    hectares / 300-500 meters
  • Age of Vines
    30-60 years
  • Farming
  • Varieties
    Vranec, Plavec, Kratosija, Smederevka, Riesling, Marsanne, Roussanne
  • Cellar
    Hand harvested, destemmed or direct pressing, fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks or concrete vats, aging in tank, concrete, French oak barrels, or foudres
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