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La Rétro

La Rétro has been in the works for a few years after tasting some experimental cuvées with Jean-Marc Lafage. Years […]

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La Rétro

La Rétro has been in the works for a few years after tasting some experimental cuvées with Jean-Marc Lafage. Years ago, his father and grandfather sold most of their grapes to the local cooperative to be made into vin doux. After these grapes had been picked, his extended family would gather together to harvest those parcels that never quite reached the maturity levels required to sell them profitably. These sites were out of the way, sheltered, inauspiciously situated, and slow to ripen. And the style of wine made from them was satisfying, moderate in alcohol, light in body, and with a juicy fruit expression that perfectly suited family meals and everyday drinking. This was when wine was less of a lifestyle and more an integral part of a well-balanced life.

La Rétro is a recreation of a style of wine from the last century.

La Rétro is so unpretentious and joyful that we could think of no better way to capture this than putting it in our first 1-liter bottle. Usually, we’d take a moment at this point to trace the history of the 1L bottle from the Weinviertel of Austria to the hipster wine shops of Paris and NYC.

But that isn’t La Rétro.

At this point, most people understand that a 1L bottle means fun, exuberant, uncomplicated pleasure. La Rétro is made from those same slow-to-ripen vineyards so that it always has a moderate alcohol level of around 12%. Mainly Grenache (60%), La Rétro includes a healthy portion of Carignan (30%), a little Grenache Gris (7%), and a touch of Lladoner (3%). As the grapes are picked and brought to the cellar, they are lightly crushed and placed whole-cluster into a fermentation vat for a short undisturbed fermentation with minimal extraction. After pressing, it is kept in tank until bottling.

Rather than tell you what we think it tastes like, I’ll leave you with this expert opinion from Tamlyn Currin after tasting the 2020 La Rétro for

Cheeky, cheeky, cheeky! Ping-pongs around the mouth, paintballing cherry wine gums and raspberry fruit chews and Parma-violet candy in all directions. (Don’t get me wrong, though – the wine is dry, not sweet; just so packed with such cheerful fruit that it’s like being flash-mobbed by singing strawberries!) The tannins are not even an afterthought. They were abandoned in the press along with all pretensions and all thoughts of tomorrow. I love it!


“It amazes me that it's possible to make such a crazy-fresh glou-glou mouth-watering wine from the terroir of Roussillon. A terroir that bends the rules: perhaps Roussillon is the definition of the 'theory of singularity' in wine?”

– Tamlyn Currin,


  • Red
  • Rose
  • White
  • Cider + Orange
  • Vegan
  • Certified Organic
  • Biodynamic
Roussillon, France
  • Location
    Roussillon, France
  • Primary Appellation
    Côtes Catalanes
  • Proprietor
    Eric Solomon & Jean-Marc Lafage
  • Winemaker
    Jean-Marc Lafage
  • Size / Elevation
    hectares / 15-300 meters
  • Age of Vines
    20-50+ years
  • Farming
  • Varieties
    Grenache, Carignan, Grenache Gris, Lladoner
  • Cellar
    Hand harvested, whole cluster fermentation