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“Standing in a rocky, chalk-covered vineyard a few years ago, I listened as a winegrower friend talked about the current state of wine. “Fruit in a wine is easy,” he said. “Purity is elusive.” Of course, he was right, but I’d never really thought about it in such stark terms.”

“Purity comes from hardship. It comes from the struggle of the vine’s roots through the rocks it is planted on, it comes from the fight against every other plant vying for the same water and nutrients, and it comes from the plant learning to fight for itself and not having man fight its battles.”

“In creating this portfolio, I was looking for these kinds of wines, and I found them planted on a massive swath of chalk and slate that runs from the Atlantic Ocean through the Loire river valley and into Champagne. This “chalk line” produces wines of extraordinary purity, minerality, and soul and represents the heart of my portfolio. The properties with which I work make true wines – wines that are true to where they come from, true to the earth, and true to the winemaker’s obsession with quality. The vast majority of the properties with which we work practice organic or biodynamic viticulture, and we wholly support winemakers who harvest by hand, use indigenous yeasts, and who vinify with little intervention. All are leaders in their appellations and harvest at dramatically lower yields than their neighbors. Above all else, they are farmers.”

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Exploring the frontier and discovering the next great winemaker, region, or indigenous variety has been at the heart of Eric Solomon’s career. Indigo Wine is the next chapter of Eric’s work and a return to his roots in finding and championing the places unknown or the talents undiscovered.

Indigo is best known for fresh and balanced wines from Spain and their strong emphasis on France, often from producers in lesser-known regions, who work with indigenous grapes. More often than not these wines come from growers who are focusing predominantly on their vineyards, to produce healthy fruit often farmed organically or biodynamically. Many of the estates in the Indigo portfolio are new names, some may be familiar, but all are pioneers in their own right.

“I’ve rededicated myself to ‘generation next’ with the creation of Indigo Wine – a portfolio of diverse growers that I found myself increasingly drawn to. Indigo allows me to promote small, innovative projects, while breaking out of expectations with the creation of a focused Swiss portfolio, representing groundbreaking projects in Chile, exploring the indigenous varieties from the Republic of Macedonia, and championing my latest find, Domaine des Tourelles from the Bekka Valley of Lebanon.” – Eric Solomon

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In 1990, Eric Solomon founded European Cellars with a handful of unknown estates from largely unknown places. In the beginning, his import portfolio was centered in the south of France, where it spread naturally to encompass wines from the Tuscan coast to the far southern reaches of Spain – anywhere his curiosity for the next discovery led him.
Having recently celebrated our 30th anniversary, Eric Solomon Selections remains one of the most significant import portfolios in the United States. The name Eric Solomon on a back label has become a symbol of quality, value, and dependability.

Many of the first properties Eric imported into the US remain in this portfolio, along with his appellation-defining custom cuvées. Over the last three decades, Eric has watched many of his earliest growers not only achieve international fame, but he has watched as parents have turned the reigns over to their children.

Eric Solomon Selections remains and will continue to be one of the most reliable and innovative French & Spanish import portfolios in the United States.

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