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March 08, 2016

Words and numbers


Tumba del Rey Moro – more rock and scrub than vineyard

It is always gratifying to see our growers recognized for their hard work. Getting to know them and the efforts they put into uncovering amazing terroirs, and farming their land rigorously as stewards for the next generation, we’d gladly sing their praises for the intrinsic quality that is found in each bottle. While we would love to be able to tell you their stories first hand – over dinner and several bottles of wine – we unfortunately cannot be everywhere.

In lieu of that, we’d like to share some press our growers received in the most recent issue of the Wine Advocate.

When Luis Gutierrez says of winemakers in the Sierra de Gredos:

If we go into names, I’m tempted to say everything that Daniel Gómez Jiménez-Landi and Fernando García touch turns into gold, but I wouldn’t go that far. However, they dominated the top of the hierarchy with their joint-venture Comando G, Daniel Landi’s solo project, the Marañones range under the supervision of García

We are excited to share this, not because it will sell more bottles – we sell everything we are able to get from these amazing winemakers – but because we’re excited about what each of these wines represents: a relatively unknown region capable of making wines of such breathtaking beauty that we feel everyone should know about them. Everyone should have a chance to try wines made from such tiny, random, inaccessible and stunning sites. Wine made with such care and integrity that it literally leaves one speechless.

Rumbo al Norte – vines among the boulders

Rumbo al Norte – vines among the boulders

And when Jeb Dunnuck says about the difficult 2013 & 2014 vintages in the Southern Rhône:

The quality at Domaine des Bosquets continues to soar and they’re now consistently producing some of the top wines in a given vintage…

His [Michel Gassier’s] wines show a touch of the austerity that’s common in the vintage, yet they have beautiful purity and ripe tannin…

Chateau Pesquie is without a doubt one of the top estates in Ventoux and the wines are under-priced given their quality…

We cannot do anything but concur as we know first hand how talented Julien, Michel, Fred and Alex are.

Michel Gassier harvesting Grenache Blanc

Michel Gassier harvesting Grenache Blanc