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Le Baiser d’Alexandrie

Terre de l'Elu

Le Baiser d’Alexandrie Bottle
Vin de France (Anjou)
Grolleau Gris
Age of Vines
Certified organic (ECOCERT) and biodynamic (DEMETER)
Grey schist, quartz, slate
60-80 meters
Hand harvested, whole cluster, natural yeast fermentation in amphorae, 9 month maceration
9 months on the skins in amphorae before pressing and bottling


Grolleau Gris, a scarcer, pink berried mutation of the workhorse variety Grolleau Noir, is most commonly found planted between the cities of Tours and Anjou. Both varieties are most frequently found in sweetish rosés or as a base for sparkling wines. Le Baiser d’Alexandrie from Clos de l’Elu couldn’t be farther from this tradition as Thomas and Charlotte Carsin use their Grolleau Gris to make an orange wine aged in amphorae. A whole cluster and natural yeast fermentation and aging on the skins for 9 months before pressing gives Baiser its distinctive orange-pink color with aromas of orange peel and spices. Obviously, such a wine is atypical and must carry the lowly Vin de Pays appellation but it comes from estate grapes averaging 50 years old that are planted on gravelly schist and quartz soils.

Loire, France
  • Location
    Loire, France
  • Appellation
    Vin de France (Anjou)
  • Proprietor
    Thomas & Charlotte Carsin
  • Winemaker
    Thomas Carsin
  • Size / Elevation
    22 hectares / 60–80 meters
  • Portfolio
    Jon-David Headrick Selections