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Event Details

October 03 2020 / 3PM EDT / 12PM PDT

Terroir al Limit

For close to two decades, Dominik Huber had pushed the very boundaries of what the Priorat is, and what it can be. While you may be more familiar with the full-bodied and richly modern take on this region in the Montsant mountains southwest of Barcelona, Dominik has pursued the harder path of making wines that are detailed, nuanced, poised, and reflective of the vineyards from where they come.

Join us on Zoom (please register in advance) on Saturday, October 3rd as Dominik, his oenologist Tatjana Peceric, and importer Eric Solomon discuss the history of the region, Dominik’s circuitous route to Torroja del Priorat, and discuss some of the recent vintages.

While this webinar is free for everyone to attend, we have partnered with the following retailers who have many of Dominik’s wines available for purchase before and after the event.


Retail Partners

To join in the tasting we will be establishing retail partners in several markets. If you are interested in becoming a retail partner, or you are a consumer who would like to participate please contact us and we will try to assist you in locating the wines. With or without the wines, this is a unique opportunity to explore why this tiny, rugged, and remote region southwest of Barcelona remains at the vanguard of innovative grape growing and winemaking not only in Spain, but in the entire world.