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Event Details

June 03 2020 / 7:30 PM EDT

Sherry Time with Ticonderoga Club

Hosted by Tim Willard

Platform – Join us at 7:30 EDT by registering for this webinar on Zoom.

Special Guests – Paul Calvert and Greg Best of Ticonderoga Club (it’s a real two-fer-one)

Musical Guest – Emily Stillwell – Spotify: Emily Stilwell  Instagram- @littleyogiemily

Wines of the Night –Equipo Navazos Fino + Equipo Navazos Manzanilla + DIY Kitchen Sink Sherry Cobbler LIVE (make sure to have some sugar and ice available!)

Questions – Please email with any questions or assistance in sourcing wine


What is Ticonderoga? A question asked by all new members and honored guests. Ticonderoga: a place of meeting, of congregating, of plots and schemes; a place of boisterous drinking and grateful dining, of revelry, revelation, revolution; a home for friends and wayward strangers. Ticonderoga: the club to which any of striving soul and honest heart are welcome to join.



Emily Stilwell was born and raised just south of Atlanta and came up closely following and drawing inspiration from blues players all throughout the south. She found her love of jazz watching old performers on the streets of New Orleans and after much time digging through the archives fell in love over and over again with female vocalists throughout history; women like Big Mama Thornton, Edith Piaf, Billie Holiday, & Colette Magny. Her time in the Midwest sparked her interest in the stories and lonely intonations of American folk music and old country. She is a product of her environment, giving a voice back to a time before her own.



To join in the tasting we will be establishing retail partners in several markets. If you are interested in becoming a retail partner, or you are a consumer who would like to participate please contact us and we will try to assist you in locating the wines. 

  • Graft, 700 King Street Suite B, Charleston, SC