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February 24, 2016 2.0

We have made the following modifications to

Old and New

We changed the homepage from grayscale to color due to the vast number of beautiful photos we’ve taken or received over the years. We’ve also added more content to the homepage providing visitors with up-to-date news and commentary. Ideally these changes should make the homepage more aesthetically and intellectually appealing. At least we hope you find it so.

With the ability to show more content on the homepage we are going to be providing more as well. This will include additional downloadable producer profiles, updated technical sheets and over the next few months, more and more shelf takers. Look for additional posts on our new homepage as well.


We’ve also made modification to our search algorithm. If you’ve read this far then we’re sure you’re the sort of person who might care about such things. In the past, search fragments might not return relevant wines, producers or posts. We’ve resolved many of these issues and we will continue to fix any others as they become known to us. We’ve also tinkered with the back end of the website, which will probably not impact you, the user, other than to reassure you that we will be spending more time providing you current content rather than fixing technical glitches. It’s a win-win!

Please check back regularly for updates and send us a message if you would like to see addition features or discover any problems with the functioning of the site.